Our Story

In 1987, Lee & Janet Lafferty opened the Daintree River Cruise Centre with a vision to share the spectacular wildlife and rainforest in the most environmentally sensitive way possible. Dedicated conservationists with an infectious passion for wildlife, the Lafferty name quickly became synonymous with eco-tourism and the Daintree River. 

Lee was one of the original guides on the River and gained a reputation as the authority on its flora and fauna. With his encyclopedic memory and constant fascination with every aspect of the river he spent the rest of his life sharing it with hundreds of thousands of people. When Lee passed away in 2015 his daughters Kianna and Jessie were his successors and have assumed the responsibility of championing this amazing eco system to the world. 

Kianna & Jessie are dedicated to operating sustainably and in harmony with the environment and local community. The business employs and trains local staff, and purchases goods and services from local suppliers wherever possible.

Our Mission and Future Aims

Our mission is to operate a business that reveals the splendour and wonders of this very special place we call home. We strive to educate and excite all who visit and to create a legacy of conservation to preserve the places we love for future generations. Our ultimate aim is to reinvest into the local community and the environment that we live and work in.

Daintree River Cruise Centre is the only Advanced Ecotourism Certified operator on the Daintree River. It is assessed annually and exceeds world's best practice standards for efficient fuel, energy and water use.

The company also donates directly to a range of conservation, humanitarian and community projects. In 2017 the Lee Lafferty Foundation will be launched which will award education grants to local young people who want a career championing the environment.