MV Matilda I, MV Matilda II, MV Matilda III & Golden Dolphin

Daintree River Cruise Centre has four boats that are ideally suited for eco-cruising in the waters of the Daintree River. They were designed by founder Lee Lafferty and Doctor Walter Stark (a master boat builder) and built in Cairns. They're safe, comfortable and purpose built for maximum visibility.

Their maneuverability gets you closer to the rainforest and wildlife. They are powered by low emission, fuel efficient Yamaha four-stroke outboards.

There is an overhead canopy and tiered, forward facing, open-air seating to ensure excellent all-round viewing. Our boats have a shallow draft which:

  • minimizes any wake to the shoreline
  • makes them incredibly stable (you won't get seasick travelling with us!) and
  • results in being able to cruise in blissful quietness

MV Matilda's I, II, III and Golden Dolphin are the vessels of choice for our daily 1 and 1.5 hour cruises. They are available for private charter, for example a small, personalised tour or for large corporate events. Contact us to find out how we can customise your Daintree River experience!

MV Matilda IV

Matilda IV is one of the original AquaSport Boats, known for their cutting edge designs, exceptional performance, and superior quality. 

Matilda IV offers an exceptional ride and brilliant handling in all types of weather conditions. By having a collapsible canopy, photographers have a 180 degree view of the river. She is exceptionally nimble and easy to maneuver, which means your guide can react quickly to wildlife to increase your nature spotting opportunities!

Matilda IV is available for private charter only and is the vessel of choice for:

  • Bird watchers
  • Environmentalists
  • Scientific researchers and
  • Those who are totally wild about wildlife

Your tour on Matilda IV will be a unique and very special Daintree rainforest experience. Click here to inquire.